Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Clash of Arms Cavalry: Flying Solo

So, for the first time in, well, forever, I've released a book under my Vigilance Press logo. Clash of Arms: Cavalry will give folks a new core class (the cavalryman, oddly enough) and a look at the development of cavalry tactics and technology throughout history.

It clocks in at 12 pages, and I'm pretty psyched about it overall.

Of course, I have some people to think, I didn't do it all myself. David Jarvis did the layout and helped me with the cover (choosing a border around the image that made it easy to, you know, read the title as a thumbnail) and Paul King gave me the peace of mind of a thorough read through.

Mostly though, I'd like to thank God for just letting me compete.


Walt said...

Very cool. Is Vigilance Press going to be doing more solo's?


Charles said...


In fact I think it's fair to expect something with the Header "Clash of Arms" followed by some other type of historical soldier, in a book with a different yet similarly branded cover, from me soon ;)

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