Thursday, December 14, 2006

Video Game Review: Dragon Quest VIII

I recently bought a new copy of this game, which I had rented previously. As I'm going through it again I just wanted to say if you haven't played this excellent RPG yet, you definitely should.

It's a classic Square Enix RPG, offering over 100 hours of gameplay, some great mini-games (such as a monster arena and collecting coins in return for rare treasures) and a very engrossing alchemy system that allows you to make items that can't be bought anywhere else in the game.

Each character has 5 skills, some of which involve weapons and some character traits. For instance the hero (that's his name, unless you change it, "Hero") has a Courage skill, Yangus, the reforming bandit, has a compassion skill, and Jessica and Angelo both have a sex appeal skill that is both useful in adventuring and hilarious.

If you've never seen a giant man o' war lose an action being smitten with an adventurer, well it's your loss not mine.

The game features beautiful cell-shaded graphics that look great, if a bit cartoony.

One last point for those who haven't yet tried Final Fantasy XII, there's a demo disc for that game included with Dragon Quest VIII.

Another plus for DQ VIII is its price, currently for sale at the most excellent price of $20. For a game this good that has over 100 hours of play, as well as a demo disc, that's a great price.

Up soon: in the review department I have a couple more Captain America tradebacks on order, so look for more comics reviews. Also I'm working on the 3rd part of my Prometheus Rising adventure, the Powderkeg, so expect a preview of that shortly as well.


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