Wednesday, December 27, 2006

25 pages and counting

So despite taking a break from it for awhile this month to do some other projects the boss thought were pressing business, I have already passed the 25 page mark on Secret Project X-13.

I'm really excited about this one. Here's hoping I'm right everyone else is equally excited ;)

For those wondering, the two "other projects" I did this month were the final installment of Blood and Guts II (yep, I actually finished it after a couple of years, who knew), Blood and Guts II: On the Ground which covers tanks, fighting vehicles and small arms.

Like all the B&G II books its expanded over 1st edition.

The other thing I did was Part 3 of my ongoing adventure path for the Prometheus Rising setting, called "Powderkeg".

I'm interested to see how folks respond to this one, because it takes the adventure in the direction of the science fantasy elements of the setting, which some people seem not to like.

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