Thursday, August 10, 2006

First extended playtest

Just played through about half a dozen dungeons last night in the non-d20 game.

Ladies and gentlemen... it's a game.

Nothing obviously broken. I'm psyched.



Walt said...

So what is this mysterious game we keep hearing about? It is obviously d20 difficient but what is it? Give a brother some details, Sir!

Sounds like you are having fun with it...

and ya know...

...If you should need some one to shamelessly playtest in online sessions... I might know a guy ;-)


Peterson said...

Of course, Walt is talking about me. :)


Walt said...

I was...


Now where did I put that knee hammer again...?


Chuck said...

Actually it's not d20 deficient, the only die it uses is a d20!

It's an attempt at a strategy game with an old-school D&D feel for two players. One player runs a party (The Adventurers) while the other player runs The Dungeon.

Adventurers can gain levels, find magic items in dungeons, move into advanced classes and prestige classes etc.

So it has a strong D&D feel but simplified. Each adventurer has a class, and 4 stats.

Everything in the game can be handled on one sheet of paper, one pencil and with 1d20.

I'm really enjoying it and calls for playtesting should come soon. I'm basically ready, but there's not much point putting out a call for playtesters during GenCon since so many of the dedicated gamers who would answer such a call are at the con.


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