Monday, August 28, 2006

Casting Captain America: the movie

Since I've had Cap on the brain lately, and I know Marvel is working on the script for bringing him to the big screen, I thought I'd help them out on casting.

Captain America

This is a toughie, but I have to go with Marc Blucas. An unknown to a lot of folks (a good thing), Marc Blucas was pretty impressive as marine Riley Finn for a season or so of Buffy. At 6'4" and fairly big, he brings the right physical presence, radiates pure midwest Americana and at 34, he's now grizzled enough to convey the living legend.

Red Skull

What's a movie without a villain? And for a Cap movie, the search for the right villain starts and ends with the Skull. Plus, as anyone who's seen Unbreakable knows, the foil for the hero should be his opposite and no one better fits that bill than the Red Skull. For the role I went with an actor who genuinely creeps me out (that's a compliment in case you weren't sure): Crispin Glover. If you'd like to see him in a very comic book-ish movie as a creepy villain, check out his turn as the "Thin Man" in Charlie's Angels (a movie that's worth watching anyway).

Nick Fury

Like the Skull, Nick Fury is a must for any Captain America movie. Fury represents the other side of the American military, the side with a harder edge, willing to justify the means by the ends. To cast Fury I think you need two things: American and Bad Ass. He simply has to have attitude in bunches, the kind that says "don't mess with me son" without a word. This is harder to come by than you might think. Twenty years ago you'd go with Charlton Heston but today there's really only one choice: Bruce Willis.

Black Widow

Like Fury, the Widow represents the ruthless side of the spy game. She also brings a whole lot of sex appeal to the movie (never a bad thing). She also needs to be smart, tough and charismatic. A tough casting assignment, except for the fact that there's a lady in Hollywood right now who is every one of those things: Angelina Jolie.

The Story

Fury sends the Black Widow undercover toinvestigate the current activities of ex-KGB agent Alexander Lukin. Unfortunately Lukin, owner of the multinational Kronas Corporation, has had a monster living inside him for some time: the Red Skull. The creature inside has won the battle and gained full control of Lukin's body. The Widow is missing and is presumed captured. Fury contacts Cap and asks for his help in finding her.

After the two make their way into the heart of Kronas Corp's HQ, they find that the Skull has brainwashed Widow using Lukin's knowledge of her past as a Soviet operative. While Cap takes down the Skull, Fury has to find a way to take out one of his deadliest operatives without killing her.


Larry Clapp said...

Have to agree with you on Charlton Heston. He's the first guy that came to mind for me, too. Bruce Willis, uh, wouldn't suck either, though. :)

Chuck said...

Well yeah, in fact, I'd say Heston has already played Nick Fury.

Go watch True Lies some time and look at the character he plays, eyepatch and all.


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