Friday, March 03, 2006

Why Macs Suck

I honestly have no opinion either way, since the last Mac I used was in the 80's and it wasn't mine so I didn't use it much. I played Bard's Tale on it if that's any clue exactly how long ago this was.

For the record, Bard's Tale ran great!

This guy though, he has an opinion and its fucking hilarious.

Check it out.

Oh and google video is brilliant.



Larry Clapp said...

I gotta disagree with you, man. I smiled a few times, but I turned it off half way through. It annoys the crap out of me when someone uses a computer clearly different from the kind they know and expect it to act the same way.

Chuck said...

Well as I said, its been decades since I used a Mac, but I thought the way he got more and more wound up as the video goes on was hilarious.


DirtyUnicorn said...

I thought it was pretty damn funny, but then again I work on *BOTH* OS X & Win XP daily (hell I switch back and forth by the hour and they sit within 3 feet of each other) so I have a unique perspective on it. Plus I'm a bit of a sarcastic ass so I appreciate the humor.

I could trash talk both systems because they both are horrid examples of how computer ease and stability should be in this age.

For the record my new Mac rarely crashes, but yes when it does you aren't left with a whole lot of choices (on Macs they are technically "bombs" not crashes, but then on a Mac everything has a catchy new name)

Thanks for the link! :)

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