Monday, March 27, 2006

Who will be Wonder Woman?

When I heard Joss Whedon won the "consolation" prize in the Batman Begins sweepstakes, I suddenly realized that "consolation" sometimes means you have to share the Powerball with 20 co-workers. Not as good as winning the whole enchilada, but you're still rich.

See, it came right down to the wire for Batman Begins. There were two finalists. One was Chris Nolan's big budget storyline but a second, equally intriguing prospect came from Joss Whedon, a director and writer that Warner Bros were familiar with thanks to the Buffy and Angel shows that had made them so much money on the WB.

Joss' idea (also an origin story since Warner Bros had by that time let it be known they wanted an origin story to reboot the Franchise) was a low budget, gritty, film noir-ish title.

Warner ultimately decided on the larger budget car-chase extravaganza but were so intrigued by Joss from his pitch (and again I find it hard to believe allllll that black ink from Buffy and Angel don't enter into the picture at this point) that they make him a counter offer.

Wonder Woman.

Well, according to Joss' recent statements, the script should now be about done.

Which means he's now looking for that special someone to be Wonder Woman. Not an easy task.

Not that Joss has offered me a consulting contract or anything, to my mind there are two solid choices.

Monica Bellucci, last seen in Matrix II and III and in the Passion of the Christ.

And Gina Torres, of Firefly and Serenity fame.

Both these women possess strength, acting chops, dignity, beauty and a certain mediterranean aura. All essential to WW.

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