Friday, July 04, 2008

Things are happening

Just a quick rundown on what's coming from RPGO:

1. Supers20 is in layout and the first round of edits have been made to the final.
2. Chris and I recorded a podcast where we discussed future plans (including talk of future fantasy stuff from us), and a Supers20 specific podcast where we go through the book and highlight stuff we think is cool.
3. The Whispers in the Dark Campaign Model for Supers20 is done and will appear as a dispatch issue the same month the game is released.
4. A new version (version 1.2) of Modern20 has been done, just a few tiny tweaks. This will also release the same month as Supers20. This will of course be free for all current owners of Modern20.
5. Supers20 WWII supplement (working title) is at 21 pages and counting. So far this book includes 2 hero teams, 2 villain teams, and WWII small arms for the Modern20 and Supers20 rules sets. This may appear as one book, or be broken into numerous dispatch issues (probably 3-4). Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Walt said...

Sweet! Just got my backside back from some rest and relaxification and I have to say I am happy to see Supers20 Rockin out 2008!


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