Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Supers20 and the Summer Spectacular

RPGObjects latest book, Supers20, is out now!

And even better, for the next 6 weeks, in honor of the release of Supers20, RPGObjects is taking the dispatch weekly again!

First up, Whispers in the Dark, a street-level magic campaign where the players play fledgling magicians who attempt to stop cults of the Old Gods: Baal, the Jotun, Kthon and Mephistopheles.

Then, it's a complete WWII campaign model in 5 weekly installments!

Week 2 features WWII small arms suitable for any Modern20 campaign set during the war, super or not.

Week 3-6 features the super-teams of WWII: Germany's Kampfgruppe Eugenik (the Eugenics Brigade), Britain's Crown Guard, Japanese Shinjuwan Juunigatsu (Pearl Harbor December) and America's Vigilance Force. Each NPC team features between 6-8 fully fledged NPCs, support characters, adventure hooks and a history of the team prior to the war.

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