Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bloggity Blog

So Chris, my boss (who my contract requires me to remind you is a damn handsome man) always wants me to tweak the intros to my book.

First, he always wants an introduction. Frequently I "forget" and turn in books with a huge header that says INTRODUCTION, a blank line and then on with the first chapter. This always gets manuscripts bounced back.

However there are times when I do remember the intro, and I usually get the manuscript bounced back ANYWAY with comments like "make the intro longer, make it more conversational".

Then the other day Chris says, "you know what your intros should be more like, your blog".

And here I am thinking, "he has READ it hasn't he"?

Since I can't summon "blogginess" at will, expect to see "blog entries" in the near future that will serve, with minimal editing as introductions to future books.

Hell, I might just use this post for every single book intro from now on.


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