Thursday, June 09, 2005

Upcoming Products

So, we have recently released the Blood and Guts II: Combat Procedures Manual and a third Modern Dispatch Iraq adventure, Gun Runners.

In related news, I have also got word that the Legends of the Samurai Campaign Guide is being layed out and should be available shortly.

I just wrapped the second mini-Legends book, Legends of the Ancients: Macedon.

That's right, for all of you who thought the first mini-Legends book was too short cause I couldnt completely cover the history of Carthage in 11 pages (duhhhh) I have now attempted to cover the history of Macedon and Alexander the Great in 7!

And for those wondering, no I don't have as one of my goals that these books be complete in exhaustive detail. They are the beginnings of research more than the end. But you do get enough history to whet your appetite (hopefully) for historical gaming and more crunch is always good right?

Hello? Is this thing on?

Oh and I am working on a Legends book with a bit more heft to it even as we speak.

When I can say more, dear readers, I certainly will :)



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Chuck said...

The book in question is out actually, its called Legends of the Dark Ages, set in Europe in the wake of the fall of Rome.

And uh, I should update this blog sometime.


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