Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Review Round-up: Blood and Guts Modern Dispatches

So lately I have been doing a series of adventures set in Iraq for the Modern Dispatch. Two so far, Operation: Dry County (Modern Dispatch Issue #15) and Leads and Complexities (Modern Dispatch Issue #35).

Part 3 is my next contribution to the dispatch and will see the light of day in the next issue, a mere 6 days away.

In the meantime enjoy these comments from RPGnow about the dispatches in question.

Something that might be of interest to those reading comment #1, Operation: Dry County is indeed a quirky adventure. In the wake of the fall of Baghdad, a booming business in liquor sales has sprung up that is vehemently resented by some of the city's residents. The PCs have been asked to protect the liquor stores from terrorist attack.

For those wondering where I got this bizarre idea... the news! Gotta love Voice of America news broadcasts ;)

Modern Dispatch Issue #15: Operation Dry County

This scenario presents a quirky situation, to say the least, for typical RPG special ops concept characters. The bad guys use some tactical ability and the scenario will reward thinking and planning over random action. Good local detail and the organisation of the operation seems reasonable, if unlikely.

Modern Dispatch #35: Leads and Complexities

This is the second Iraq-based Dispatch module from this company and much closer to a familiar military mission than 'Dry Country'. The initial encounter, though balanced and survivable, is well calculated to strike fear into players who value their characters' survival. The second part, cornering an insurgent group, has some complexities along with straight-up combat.

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