Wednesday, September 09, 2009

As Zaboo would say: Logo'd


mikelaff said...


Walt said...

That is clean and bold... love it.

RPGObjects_chuck said...

From the very beginning, I went for a patriotic look for Vigilance Press, because I think with a company name like that, and making superhero and military games, which is definitely where I started, it just fits.

I remember when I released my FIRST book, the now out of print original edition of Vigilance: Superhero RPG, which had a red-white-blue logo and a big-ass picture of the statue of liberty on the cover, my first review accused me of "cashing in" on 911.

Cause... you know... patriotism!


But yeah, red, white and blue, with the logo in a font called "Han Solo", works for me :)

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