Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So, I watched the Rocketeer again tonight

This is a movie I remember very fondly from seeing it in the theater when it was released.

I was anxious to watch it again because of what I remembered about:

1. Dude with jetpack.
2. Dude with jetpack punching Nazi Timothy Dalton IN THE FACE.
3. Dude! Jetpack! Nazis!
4. Jennifer Connelly.

And despite all that still definitely being there. Plus awesome stuff I had forgotten, like Terry O`Quinn playing Howard Hughes (he had hair!), Paul Sorvino playing a mob heavy (again!) and Timothy Dalton's henchman who was straight out of a Dick Tracey comic, I still can't recommend this movie.

It's pretty amazing to see Jennifer Connelly back before Hollywood figured out that her appeal was not "they're real and they're fabulous".

She's smart and she can act.

Watching her play the vapid starlet and girlfriend of the hero (was she really going out with him?) was flat out distracting.

And the movie was kind of slow paced.

If you're not going to have balls-out action every 20 minutes, cast people who can act (I think they did this) and let them act (this- not so much).

So there you go. That's my review of a 20 year old movie.

Next up- Black Hole!


mikelaff said...

Yeah. Have to agree. Very boring movie.
How do you make a boring movie about a guy with a rocket pack?
Maybe they can get WB Animated (hopefully with Bruce Timm producing) to do an animated version. They really seem to _get_ how to translate comics to the screen.

AccidentalFraser said...

I'll deinfinitely have to re-watch it. I really, really enjoyed it when I first saw it, but haven't watched the whole thing for years.

How can you go wrong with Jennifer Connelly?

Now, the Black Hole I've rewatched a few time in the last few years. Not as good as it was for a kid, and some of the acting is wooden, but I still really enjoy it.

How can you go wrong with Maximilian Schell?

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