Monday, January 14, 2008

Stupid Puter

I mentioned this earlier, but my computer recently died. I tried to save some cash and buy a used one, and it lasted me about 7 months.

So I have a new one being built by Dell, but it won't be around until the end of the month.

During this time, blogging will be slower than usual. I'm borrowing a friend's puter and have to spend that time working.

On the bright side, not only is my new rig an upgrade, it's a laptop.


SirKerry said...

That sucks, hopefully you didn't lose any data.

I hope you're getting one of Dell's Latitude notebooks and not one of the other product lines as they're not very robust (construction wise).

Charles said...

No data loss, just time and convenience and money lol.

I use an external HD and back things up both online and to hardcopy frequently, as I am full blown paranoid about losing a book when it's 90% done.

I got an Inspiron I think, but I have a year warranty and I don't actually plan to travel with it much.

I wanted a laptop because it would let me work in different rooms of the house. My office is in the basement and during a New England winter that sucks.

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