Saturday, July 21, 2007

GenCon Adventure is a wrap

So, I just finished my draft of our 2nd annual Blood and Relics Gen Con adventure today. We're also going to be running a Darwin's World adventure again. We'd love for you to stop by and join us or just say hey.

RPG00872 Darwin's World 2007 Gen Con Adventure 8/18/07 10:00 AM

RPG00873 Darwin's World 2007 Gen Con Adventure 8/18/07 2:00 PM

RPGObject's 3rd annual Darwin's World Gen Con adventure. Explore the d20 systems most popular post-apocalyptic setting in this radioactive scenario.

RPG00867 The Blutfahne 6 8/17/07 10:00 AM

RPG00868 The Blutfahne 6 8/17/07 2:00 PM

It is the Blutfahne, a Nazi flag stained with Aryan blood and one of the party's most revered relics. What is not widely known is that some of that blood belongs to Hitler himself. The mystic order of the Teutonic Knights has conducted blood sacrifices to strengthen the bond between Hitler and the flag. In the years since, Hitler has survived one assassination attempt after another. As long as the Blutfahne exists, he cannot die.

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