Saturday, December 17, 2005


So I am working on a superagents book for d20 Modern that I think will be wicked cool. More Nick Fury of SHIELD than "Bond, James Bond" but I think it will be a nice addition to those looking for a more "out there" military campaign.

My goal for the month is a short book every 10 days, so to keep I need to knock this puppy out by the 20th.

Fingers crossed and still on track...


Steve Peterson said...

That sounds cool -- and better suited to roleplaying than James Bond stuff.

One thing I could always use is more replacement talent lists for d20 Modern -- especially, cool talents. I've come to the conclucsion that the big letdown in Modern for me was that so many of the talents and feats were pretty boring. Spycraft did much better on the kewl abilities angle.

Chuck said...

Yeah, Ive certainly tried to be a little more colorful in my feats and classes. I think the d20 Modern designers wanted to make generic archetypes as universal as those found in D&D.

But since there isnt any agreed upon "Tolkien-Howard Center" for Modern games, they ended up making the classes and feats a little TOO generic imo.

Still, the game seems able to handle any genre I throw at it, so maybe I shoulnd't criticize ;)

And that's one strength I think modern has over spycraft. Spycraft is cooler, but Im not convinced you could run *anything* with it to the extent that you can in d20 Modern.

Chuck said...

BTW... new talents isnt something I normally do, but I did a bunch for Blood and Vigilance, my d20 Modern supers game.

If you want talents with a little more color and zip, you might find some there.

I also have a few new talent lists on a to-do list somewhere that are very likely to see the light of day some day soon.

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