Saturday, January 09, 2016

Gemma Clarkson, Day 1 Survivor

Gemma Clarkson (Demolitions Expert, Retired; Currently unemployed)
Combat Ability (CA): 57 Hit Points (HT+ST): 74
Health (HT): 45 Mental Toughness (IN+LD): 61
Insight (IN): 35 Action Points (QK/10): 5
Intellect (IT): 48 Unity (Special):
Leadership (LD): 26 Background: Military
Luck (LK): 29 Primary Attribute: IT
Quickness (QK): 52 Secondary Attribute: QK
Strength (ST): 29 Weak Attributes: LD, LK, ST

Trait: Potential: Health
Disadvantage: Phobia: Death (13) Activates at 13 HP or less.
Quote: Nah, that gunpowder’s fine. You just burn it off. Smells great.

Level: 1
Experience Points: 0
Skills: Demolitions, Pistols, Thrown Weapons
Perks: None

Browning Hi-Power: -5 recoil; 2d10+6 damage; Short Range; ROF 1; Clip 14 (9x19mm); Malfunction 97+; Loud
20 rounds 9x19mm

Skill List
Archery (CA): 28
Athletics (QK): 26
Barter (LD): 13
Chemistry (IT): 34 (+10 Synergy)
Close Quarters Combat (CA): 28
Construction (IT): 24
Cooking (IN): 17
Demolitions (IT): 48
Distraction (IN): 35
Engineering (IT): 24
First Aid (IN): 17
Heavy Weapons (CA): 28
Influence (LD): 13
Medicine (IT): 24
Outdoorsman (IN): 17
Pistols (CA): 57
Psychology (IN): 17
Repair (IT): 24
Rifles (CA): 38 (+10 Synergy)
Scrounging (IT): 24
Shotguns (CA): 38 (+10 Synergy)
Stealth (QK): 26
Thrown Weapons (CA): 57
Vehicles (QK): 26

Gemma just happened to be in the lobby of her local Labor Today franchise, hoping to get hired on for some short term work, when the world went to hell. She made her way out with the help of a fellow survivor named Avery Ahearn and the two have been inseparable ever since.

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