Monday, August 01, 2011

(slightly) drunk musings of a writer

Ran Modern20 tonight- post apocalypse gaming in the post-nuclear world of Fallout.

I think, along with USHER Dossiers, Modern20 has to be the book I'm most proud of that I was ever involved with.

A d20 game with no experience tables. Where the GM decides at his sole discretion when you gain levels (ha! how old school is that- eat it forgies).

6 classes (and never EVER going to be any more).

Where players build their characters as they go, each constructing his own class with the feats and skills he takes.

It's really a game designed in such a way that it has no business being a d20 game at all.

I love it.

Oh yeah, and I'm a little drunk, watching Mad Men on Netflix after a night of gaming (and drinking, and eating and uh drinking).

Currently eyeing a Dugges double IPA- it's a pint and it's 9% alcohol.

In other words, at this hour, this will take from "sort of drunk" to all the way there.


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