Tuesday, February 08, 2011

USHER Dossiers review round up!

It's early going, but some reviews have already landed for the USHER Dossiers!

Here's the two early entries:

Tommy Brownell gave the book 4 stars and had this to say: As far as I'm concerned, and no disrespect intended to anyone else, but Vigilance Press is the best thing to happen to the ICONS game, period. It's not just the volume of support, as impressive as that is, but it is the quality of support, and they are trying to raise the bar all of the time.

Curt Meyer said: The GM of my current icons campaign, someone who like myself has been gaming for over 20 years, says of the Usher Dossiers that it's one of the best written RPG supplements he's read in years. The art by Dan Houser doesn't hurt either. There's a lot of useful stuff in here for your house campaigns as well.
Thanks guys!


Larry Clapp said...

Awesome, man! Congratulations!

VigilanceDolphin said...

I've been reading the book, and I'd like to say that Chuck certainly did an awesome job. It had an amazing re-telling of world-war 11, along with pretty much everything you need to run a great ICONS campaign. I rate it 5 out of 5! Great job Chuck!