Sunday, December 12, 2010

Minuteman v. HUAC, from the USHER Dossiers

Transcript of closed-door Congressional hearing, held in 1946 in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee. Testimony of Committee members in bold, testimony of Minuteman in normal type.

“Sir, please state your full name for the record before we proceed.”

“I came here under the agreement that I would identify myself only as the Minuteman.”

“Yes, well, we discussed that after our earlier conversation and the members of the committee decided-”

“That’s enough, I’m leaving.”

“Don’t make us arrest you, Sir.”

“Please. I’m in bulletproof armor and even if I wasn’t, I can sidestep bullets. This nonsense is exactly why the Minuteman exists. I’ve been labeled an outlaw before, back when slavery was legal. I’m fine being an outlaw again.”

“We are prepared to make you an officer in USHER, son, but you need to let us know who you are and where your true allegiances lie.”

“My true allegiances? I would have thought fighting in WWII, WWI, the Spanish-American War, the Civil War, the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War would be enough to prove that.”

“Well we are still at war, son. A war against Communism. And I’m pretty sure that wasn’t you that fought in all those wars anyway.”

“The Minuteman fought in those wars. As for your little Communist witch-hunt, I will defend America. But I will do so according to my conscience and at a time and place of my choosing. I will not join USHER or any other organization, nor will I allow myself to be identified or constrained in any way.”

“Our little witch-hunt? So tell me son, are you now or have you ever been- where did he- He’s gone! Sergeant! Search the grounds! Arrest that man!”

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