Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blitzkrieg London (ICONS) WWII adventure

Spring, 1944.

The war is going very badly for the 3rd Reich and Nazi commanders decide the only hope lies in a daring raid conducted by their elite Eugenics Brigade.

The target: British and American commanders conducting planning sessions in the heart of London.

Your goal: defeat the Eugenics Brigade and protect Allied commanders, regardless of the cost.

Check it out!


Walt said...

that cover is amazing.

RPGObjects_chuck said...

Yes! I am a fan also.

I never imagined the Uberfalkommando, my jet pack Nazis, looked that cool.

Of course, given that they're jet pack Nazis, I suppose they should look pretty damn awesome.

mikelaff said...

The jetpack Nazi was drawn by James Dawsey and inked/colored by Dan Houser. Houser also designed the cover

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