Monday, July 19, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the stupidest man alive

"People who use text speak are doing to the modern world what Genghis Khan did to Asia."

John Humphries

Remember, ballpark figures are that Genghis Khan killed 120 million people.

And oh yeah people who have actually um, you know, studied texting? They say that it promotes literacy.

Let's try and think about why.

Could it be that, although they agree about practically nothing else, educators universally acknowledge that the best way to improve reading and writing is to read and write?

Why yes, I think that might be exactly why.

And of course, such pontificating by Humphries doesn't even make sense. He accepts OK, VIP and MVP but the moment you type C U L8TR into a cell phone he gets the vapors.

Apparently language should never evolve what John learned in grammar school.

Oh yeah and the books, TV shows and movies he loved when he was a teenager are way cooler and deeper than anything those stupid kids are into today. Star Wars was fucking deep. Avatar? Puh-leaze.

Oops, apparently I've already been corrupted.

I breathlessly await John Humphries upcoming book, Seduction of the Innocent, Part II.

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