Monday, June 07, 2010

Coming soon from Vigilance Press: Old School Magic

Coming this summer from the producers of Old School Psionics: Old School Magic.

This sourcebook for magic in old-school games will introduce new magic systems, suitable for turning the traditional magic system into one more suited for low-magic games, or historical "legendary" games. New magic systems include: Incantations, Rare Components, Mana/Ley Lines and Star Magic.

All these new magic systems work with the standard spells you already know and love, though one (mana/ley lines) does away with spell slots.

Advice and rules tweaks for no magic, low magic, medium magic and high magic games will also be included.

This is followed by new magical archetypes, new core classes for your game, including: Alchemist, Artificer, Conjurer, Elementalist, Hedge Wizard, Hermit, Holy Man, Naturalist, Sage, Seer, Shadow Mage, Shaman, Shapechanger, Spell Thief, Trickster, Warrior Mage and Witch Doctor.

Next comes magical equipment, new rules and options for magic items in your games.

Finally comes magical campaigns, several new campaign models to serve as a starting point for campaigns built around magic.


mikelaff said...

I might be the only guy who thinks this......BUT, back in the day I really wanted a modern setting to go with the OD+D rules.
So that if my party got shunted through a portal into modern day Burbank, 1860s Texas or 1930s Chicago, or 1940s Germany, they'd be able to mix it up with the gangsters, cowboys, zombies etc they found there.

mikelaff said...

so - want to do a podcast about Old School Magic?

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