Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Modern Dispatch #109: WWII-era Supervillains

Any time I have a chance to design supervillains I'm a happy man. Designing WWII-villains? Priceless.

Designing this team was a fun, interesting challenge and I think GMs running Blood and Vigilance will find the resulting team suitably nasty.

Check out WWII-era Supervillains and let me know what you think.



Walt said...

Hey there! You did a great job on the Uber Villains! I was excited to hear about this and the second the announcement hit the street I jumped and made my purchase! I think that for fun I am going to sketch these guys out and throw them into the Digiverse through my blogg or something similarly interesting.

Any RPGObjetcions?


Chuck said...

Sounds awesome.

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